Finding and replacing the HST pedal idler spring on a Branson 4125h tractor

My mighty mouse tractor is alive again!

Last weekend my HST pedals lost all resistance, I found a spring had snapped. I was planning on videoing the whole process of replacing it but found I forgot to hit ‘record’ for the critical installing of the new spring. grrrr!

Still, I got most of it…

Impact driver
The AEG 18V compact impact driver offers up to 180Nm of torque for impressive power and performance, and delivers up to 3,100 impacts per minute. It’s extremely compact, measuring just 146mm long, which makes working in tight spaces easier. And it’s designed to have great balance, making it an impact driver that’s easy to use.- .
Ebay in Australia – or from any Bunnings
Similar from Amazon in North America –

Socket set
via Ebay in Australia –
or via Amazon in North America

Impact driver socket adaptor
Ebay in Australia – or the Irwin ones I use –
Amazon in North America –

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