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more ploughing

I’m getting much better at straight lines 🙂 These 8 beds received more ploughing this morning ahead of being topped with manure and fertiliser. That’ll then be worked in with weekly ploughing and a few more topdressings before March planting. It’s not very interesting, not compared to planting / growing / harvesting, but all part …

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Ploughing begins

The first of several garlic beds in Yass has had its first ploughing. It begins with marking out the site, then the ground is ploughed with a rotary hoe four times (up, back, left, right) to break it up just right. The rotary hoe is a great tool but the soil has to be right to …

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Early preparations

It’s never a case of just ‘plonk it in the ground and it’ll grow’! Garlic has quite specific soil and nutrient requirements, so to get the absolute best possible garlic we’re busy planning our garlic beds for the 2017 plantings. We’ve mapped out a new planting area that will receive plenty of sunshine, and now …

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