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Finding and replacing the HST pedal idler spring on a Branson 4125h tractor

My mighty mouse tractor is alive again! Last weekend my HST pedals lost all resistance, I found a spring had snapped. I was planning on videoing the whole process of replacing it but found I forgot to hit ‘record’ for the critical installing of the new spring. grrrr! Still, I got most of it… Impact …

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Tractor vs Blackberry infestation

How to safely mow a dam or pond embankment

Simple – always reverse up and drive down the slope. Never drive forwards up the slope, and never cross it sideways. I’m driving the Branson 4125h tractor Australia – https://www.midwaysales.com.au/ USA & Canada – http://www.bransontractor.com/

Why it’s important to keep equipment clean

It’s essential to keep equipment clean so you can quickly identify any issues early, well before they become an expensive problem. A pressure washer is one of the most used pieces of equipment on a farm – ensuring equipment is clean, safe and ready-to-use.   Pressure washer Australian pressure washers – https://tinyurl.com/ybhhsy67 US pressure washers …

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Tightening flail mower belts

Tractors get thirsty too

Another day of slashing

Several jobs today – slashing the Vine Church in Yass, then roadsides along Wargeila Rd, then a small job along Laverstock Rd.  

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